Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beautiful BYU!!!!!

So...lately I have been a little down and I haven't known why.
Maybe it is because I speak to four-year-olds all day long, and I slowly notice my vocabulary skills diminishing!
Maybe it is because the floor that was mopped two minutes ago now has melted Popsicle on it due to an independent child who thinks he can get in the freezer by himself!
Maybe it is because my idea of a moment to myself is locking the bathroom door....nature calls.....while both boys are crying on the other side! (Or they figure out a way in--what child has heard of privacy).
Maybe it is because any time I have to make an important phone call, I know I have to wait until Andrew is taking a nap, and Logan is completely preoccupied with something else.


I just had the most wonderful time at BYU!!!! Even though I am not teaching, I have to establish credits to keep my Teaching License current. Every year, there is a conference for all FACS teachers (two days = 1 credit). So, I go every year. When I found out it was at BYU this year I almost didn't go because I didn't want to have to drive that far. My family coaxed me into it, and I am sooo glad they did!!!


1. Walking to the Wilkensen Center with the crisp Utah County air in my lungs, looking at the Y on the mountain, and hearing the beautiful bell tower playing Come, Come Ye Saints.
2. Seeing many of my former co-workers, professors, and mentors, who have become great friends and still mean so much to me.
3. Attending these classes: Cooking brunch, Safety in the home,
How to be frugal with Interior Design, USU graduate program, Floral arranging, Organizational skills, The magic of coupons and rebates, How to say no and still be nice, The Marriage Promise (by Lyn Scoresby!), and 10 Effective Preschool ideas.
4. Having my sister Amy (a BYU Alumni) join me on the second day! Walking around campus together, and visiting the new buildings.
5. Getting all my Father's day shopping done at the BYU bookstore!
6. BYU creamery Earnestly chocolate ice cream (the best ever---they still have it!!!).
7. Driving by old apartment buildings---ohhhh the memories.
8. Finding my mom the perfect "Thank You" gift for watching the kids.
9. Remembering my accomplishments, blessings, and that I LOVE my field of study.
10. Hugging my kids and hubby afterwards, and loving them even more because I feel so rejuvenated!

1. Walking into the Wilk, and having my temperature taken by a BYU student. NO JOKE! Everyone who came had to fill out a medical form, and have a thermometer pressed to their forehead to make sure they didn't have a temperature (SWINE FLU)! This is getting serious!

2. NO CAFFEINE ON BYU CAMPUS. The absence of Dr.Pepper was always a problem for me!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm so glad when daddy comes home!

Andrew waits at the top of the stairs every day when it is time for his daddy to come home from work. It is so cute. As soon as Jason opens the door Andrew exclaims "dada!!" and gives him a huge hug. Drewie gives the bets hugs--he really squeezes tight! Sometimes Logan gets in on the action too.

Gone fishin.

On Memorial day, Jason took Logan fishing. Andrew seemed to know he had been left out, and for two hours followed me around the house crying for his daddy. Finally, I took Andrew to meet up with Logan and Jason. Even though we didn't catch any fish (no complaints here!), we had fun.

Bowling for the first time!

We took the boys bowling for the very first time. Logan was ecstatic! I let Andrew bowl on my turn, and he was surprisingly good at it (of course we had the bumpers up---for the kids---right?). Drew actually watched the ball go to the end of the lane, hit one pin, and he shot his arms in the air yelling YEA!!!! Logan got two strikes that night. Thankfully the boys take after daddy in the bowling department.

Playin Outside!

The boys absolutely love it when it gets warm outside. I make them go outside to eat popsicles (less mopping for me!) I leave the door open so that I can watch them. I looked in the doorway and saw the two of them sitting side by side, giggling, eating their popsicles and it was a perfect time for a picture!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I am just getting into the whole blogging thing. I am excited to start! Hopefully I stick with it. I think that it will be a great way to journal for our family. Watch for cute pics in a day or two!