Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fun at the Fair????

What was supposed to be a fun family activity, turned out to be a traumatic experience for Drew. Poor guy. He hated it!!! Logan, however, loved every minute of it! I eventually realized that our little guy was much happier observing his brother ride all the rides (while safely in Daddy's arms of course).
A blue slushy makes everything better!

Until next year, we are going to give up on all rides for Drew!


We took or two little guys to the fair this weekend. One of them loved the rides, and the other...not so much! I thought for sure that if I just let Drew go around once or twice, he would figure out that the boats had bells and steering wheels, and that they were fun! NOT SO MUCH!

Sense of direction.

So...I know that I do not always have the best sense of direction. I am admitting this wholeheartedly. I am TERRIBLE! However, I did not expect that -by the age of four- my son would surpass me in this area! Maybe boys just automatically inherit a great sense of direction.

On Saturday, we all went to the parade. Jason dropped me off before parking, because I was passing out Preschool Fliers. I ran out of fliers quickly (500 was not enough), which was bittersweet-because I really want to fill up the three preschool openings-but I also got to hang out with the boys at the end of the parade.

Jason walked my nephew back to where his family was sitting, and I didn't know where he had parked.
So... my four year old exclaimed "MOM! I KNOW WHERE THE VAN IS!!!" Enthusiastically Logan sprinted toward the "VAN". We kept walking, and walking and in my head I was thinking "I am following a four-year-old's directions!" Eventually I told Logan that there was no way we were parked that far, and I started to head back the way we came. He, of course, threw a little fit--determined that he was "going the right way!" We walked and walked and finally I called Jason on his cell, only to find out we were going the wrong way again. So we turned around (again) went the other direction, and low and behold the van was exactly at the spot Logan had been taking me.
I quickly apologized to Logan and he honestly just glared at me!!! As if to say "TOLD YOU SO!!!"

Conversation with Logan.

Logan comes up with some of the funniest little things to say! I am just amazed sometimes about how his mind works. Here is one of the newest conversations we have had.

Logan: "Mom. Can you tell Heavenly Father it is time for you to have another baby?"
Me: "Ummmmm......???? honey I really don't wan't another baby yet."
Logan: "Well...just tell Heavenly Father it is time for another one!! And tell Him that I wan't the baby to come tomorrow!"
Me: "Logan...Do you remember how long Andrew was in my tummy??? Babies take a long time to grow and develop properly!"
Logan: "WELL...Just tell Heavenly Father that you want a baby by tomorrow!!!! And tell Him that I promise I will always share my toys!"

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fireworks, Fireworks, Fireworks!!!

Sparklers always remind me of when Jason and I were married! We had everyone hold sparklers as we walked to our Limo. It was fun!

We took the boys to the fireworks on the fourth. They each had a light stick which soon became a light saber weapon. Drew was terrified of the Fireworks at first, but was clapping by the time they were finished. He LOVED them (eventually!). Logan spent most of his time running "Super fast" and twirling his new weapon!

Fun on the FOURTH!!!!

Uncle Thomas made sure to blast the Micheal Jackson in memoriam!!! My boys had never heard his songs before and loved the beat!!

Logan getting water balloons ready to throw at the next unsuspecting passerby!

Drew and Davis enjoying some of Grandma's Popsicles!

My sweet Grandma has put this fourth of July party together for at least 15 years now. She looks forward to it all year. This year, she had us sing a couple patriotic songs. What a sweetheart! Love you Grandma!

The 4th of July!!

The fourth of July is one of my favorite Holidays! We have a big family reunion, the kids get wet, my mom makes hundreds of popsicles, and we always play Wa-shoe (Like horse shoes, but with washers!)


My family members are my best friends. I love this picture. I don't think I have had a picture like this taken forever, with just the five of us who have been through thick and thin.

Cedar City

The whole Fam Damly drove to Cedar City to see Craig--who was awesome-- perform in the Shakespearean Festival. I have never been to the Festival before and it was a lot of fun!! I am so glad that Craig continues to perform, so that I can continue to watch all of these wonderful productions. The drive was totally worth it!

We made sure to visit the SUU gift shop, where my boys tried on these silly hats. We also found some pretty cool swords (toys of course--though they do look real). I keep asking myself why I allow items such as: light sabers, nerf guns, and swords in the home! Then I remember I am raising boys, and that is just what they do....right???

Fun in the sun!!

Our whole family meet at the local City Days, and had a great time! Logan absolutely loved the slide and went down it probably a hundred times. The best part is that Kathleen and Avree came too! We always play hard when Kathleen comes to town.
I love this picture of Drew, because it looks like he is laughing, but he is really screaming. I guess he didn't want his daddy to throw him in the air!