Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Has it really been a month since I last posted on my blog? Where has the time gone. September flew by and October is quickly ending. Life has been busy! School has started, canning season is at it's peak, and life continues to go at a pace that I find hard to keep up with! I was looking at pictures from when Drew was born and can't believe the difference in the boys.

and NOW......

They are the light of my life. Little Drew can a handful, but he always seems so sweet when asleep. He plays with my hair and I love it. Any time that I hold him, he runs those tiny little fingers through my hair which prevents me from ever cutting it short!
Look at that little tummy! He loves it when I tickle his belly. He also loves to have his hair combed (he sits on my lap after every bath and wants me to comb his hair over and over! He also loves to have his back tickled while I sing to him at night.

We call Drew our little cookie monster, because he LOVES cookies! I had to take a picture of these cookies to prove that my little man is silly. Any time I buy these cookies, Drew picks out the m&m's and doesn't finish the rest. I think it is hilarious!

Logan is as silly as ever. He changes his mind daily about what he wants to be for Halloween. He wants to be a superhero when he grows up. I say GO FOR IT buddy! The world could use more superhero's!