Sunday, May 30, 2010

The whole Fam Damily! (minus two)

I love it when my sister is in town, and this picture shows most of us. Logan and Jason are missing because Logan had a soccer game and Jason really wanted to go with him.
Our crowd is almost outdated all ready! In one more month, My little sis will have baby #2.


We signed Logan up for soccer for the very first time. He was thrilled! He got to play with his little friend, which made it even better. He did a great job. Here are five things I learned in our first year of soccer.

1. If your child sits for a long time on the field, his head will eventually get smacked with the ball.
2. Five year old boys think that "outhouse" bathrooms are cool and will try to visit during the middle of each soccer game--gross.
3. Spring soccer should come with a disclaimer that the weather can cause damage to your health. "Sign up for Spring soccer! (in no way is the City responsible for frost bite or sever ear infections due to the high speed winds, rain, snow, or hail that can be treacherous in these soccer months. We have a cancel-No-game policy".
4. I was prepared to say "it doesn't matter that your team didn't win a game". I was not prepared to say "it doesn't matter that your team didn't make ONE goal this season."
5. Prepare to be embarrassed at one point during the season. Whether it is because the whole game has stopped so the coach can tie your child's shoes, or because your toddler runs right in the field-so you have to chase them, or because a loved one comes to watch and verbalizes their opinion about some of the team members! Overall, Logan had a great season, was an excellent goalie, and really learned how to be a good sport!

Marshmellows roasting on an open fire!

I promised Logan that as soon as it was warm outside, we would build a fire and make Smores. I bought all of the supplies and planned on making Smores for our Family Home Evening treat. Yet, it rained (again). Turns out that this was just as much fun, and the kids actually did it themselves (no worries about someone falling into the fire!). I was able to keep my promise and we had a very fun Family Night activity!

What a MESS!

What a big boy little Drewie is! I bought the boys some cereal and they were so excited because I rarely buy the sugary stuff. I poured them each one bowl and hopped in the shower. I neglected to put the cereal box away, and apparently Drew wanted seconds so he poured his own! What a mess. Logan was devastated that a whole box of Lucky Charms had to be thrown away.

Time for Hair Cuts!

Poor Drew has had his hair cut before, but did NOT want one this time. He covered his little eyes and cried the WHOLE time! Don't they look SNAZZY?

Easter Eggs

One of Logan's favorite activities is dying Easter Eggs. Logan loves anything hands-on and MESSY!!!

The first year that Andrew dyed Easter eggs, he plopped them in the dye with his hands, and used his fingers to make sure that the egg was covered (needless to say he had yellow hands for a couple days :) This year, he watched his big brother, and did exactly what he did. My little guy is sure growing up.