Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little fishy!!

I signed Logan up for swimming lessons this year and he LOVED IT! This is the first time he has ever been in any organized lesson/sport! He was not afraid at all and passed the preschool level with flying colors.
His class was pretty big so there were three teachers. Of course he followed the boy teacher around everywhere so that he could tell him all about: super hero's, Star Wars, and swords! One the last day, they had the kids practice jumping into the deep water. Geronimo!!!

The children also did "treasure hunts" where they had to open their eyes underwater to search for the coins.

I also took Josh to swimming lessons. I have babysat him for three years and he and Logan are best buds/ worst enemies--almost like siblings, eh? This was Josh's last day being babysat at our house. They have moved, and he is starting school. Logan already misses him.

Pudding Face!!!

The other day I was busy cleaning the kitchen when Logan asked for a cup of pudding. Of course Drew had to have some too! I continued with my cleaning and forgot that the little guy still had his pudding. Oh well! At least in entertained him!

Little Drew already has a beard and mustache!

Monday, August 3, 2009

6th year anniversary!

For our anniversary, we were supposed to stay in a resort at Park City. When we went to check in, the resort had actually sold our reservations because of the Arts Festival (even though we made reservations months ahead, and I called a few days prior to make sure our reservations we were still set!!)
So... we ended up in Salt Lake city and stayed at Little America. It was so beautiful. We hadn't ever been there before and loved it.

Jason knew I was disappointed that I didn't get to go to the outlets in Park City, so he took me on a carriage ride in Salt Lake. It was so much fun!!! I have always seen others on the carriages, but never tried it out myself.

We also took a tour of the Beehive house, and went to the Joseph Smith memorial building to see the movie on Joseph Smith. After that, Jason drove me around all of the commercial buildings that his company has been working on. We went shopping, had dinner, and came home refreshed! FUN Anniversary. I guess we turned lemons into lemonade.


Every year, we visit Jerome Idaho. Both of my parents were raised in Jerome, and some of my grandparents as well. My paternal grandmother still lives here in the home where my dad grew up. We always stay with grandma and hear great stories about the life she lived. It is a fun trip!

Three generations! My sister, dad, grandma, and I. Jason talked me into wearing his cowboy hat for the pictures!

Our first stop was Shoshone falls. We come visit the falls almost every trip to Jerome. It is beautiful, and LOUD. I will admit..nothing beats the grandeur of Niagara Falls.

Banbury's is a pool located very close to a hot spring in Idaho. We always came here when we were children visiting grandma and grandpa. It was so fun to bring my own kids and watch them have a blast where I used to swim. I don't think that they have changed the pool at all in 25 years!

We visited the Jerome Stake pioneer games. My cousin Brian and his wife Megan were in charge of the games and they did an outstadind job! My husband and I thought it was interesting that we had to go out of Utah to participate in some really fun pioneer day activities!

Real handcarts! Andrew liked the ride about as much as he liked the boats a the carnival! Jason was right in his element as he helped Logan "Lasso the log"

This picture turned out awesome. I snapped as the Tomahawk was in mid-air.
It only took Jason and Logan 27 seconds to cut the log! WOW!!!
Potato sack races. Logan had a ball.

Drew was so mad when he had to get back into the car seat for the ride home. Poor kid!