Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Little Peter Cotton-Tail

Such a cute little bunny. Drew hopped out of the nursery in Jerome with bunny ears. So adorable!

Easter egg hunt at Grandma's!

5 years!

Logan's birthday!

I can't believe that Logan is five. Where have the years gone. I am dreading the fact that he'll be gone to school next year. It will be hard to get used to not having him home. I know he is excited, and there are days that I am SO ready for him to be gone, but in my heart of hearts I feel like I am losing a friend.

SUPER FUN, Super-hero cake. I made each little super-hero out of fondant! It turned out so cute even if hulk had to sit on the side because he was too big to fit.


No matter how rough our day has been, I love to peek on the little monsters while they sleep. They look so sweet and innocent (even if they did call me names or spit at me during the day).


The boys got these fun costumes for Valentine's day. They played in them all day long. So cute!

Birthday Boy

Andrew's birthday is two days after Christmas. Bahumbug! I think as he gets older, we will have a half-birthday celebration in June, instead of December.

I forgot the birthday candles-so we had to improvise. Drew loved his cake which was actually SO fun to make!