Sunday, December 13, 2009

O Christmas Tree!

This is such a tender picture of Drew and Logan. They have such light in their eyes. I have fond memories of decorating the tree as a child. It was always a great way to start the holiday spirit! Daddy helping Drew reach the high places. By the end, I was pulling my hair out...just a little!
Andrew was not too excited to put the angel on the top.
All finished! to keep the kids out of it???

Gobble, Gobble Wibble Wobble do a Noodle dance!

Have you ever read that book? It is Hilarious. My boys giggle and giggle, the rhymes are so funny. It is called 10 fat turkeys.

Our Thanksgiving was a little lame this year, because the night before Turkey day, I took Drew to the doctor and he had Bronchitis. He was contagious for 24 hours so we had to stay home. I didn't think I would be able to find (or thaw) a Turkey at 9pm the night before, so we had: Prime Rib, funeral potatoes, jello, homemade rolls, and pie. Not your traditional Thanksgiving dinner, and I was a little ashamed that I didn't tap into the Martha Stewart in me, but I had an ear infection and felt like crap!

If I would have been feeling well (and had more than 10 hours notice we would be eating on our own) I would have made: aunt Glenda's ribbon jell-o, & her mashed potatoes, Grandma's Doris' yams, mom's crock-pot stuffing, Grandma Fae's corn, & her grapefruit cocktail, Susan's (Jason's mom) Frog-eye salad, my pies, and a Turkey. Oh well. At lease the table looked pretty and the two little Indians had fun!

Fall Fun

So...any time my sister comes from Texas, we party! This time, my mom had a Halloween party, Avree turned one-so we had a birthday party, and we went to a fun Witches boutique where they had lots of fun photo opportunities. My silly guys.

Cute little Avree in one of her many darling outfits. I always get sad when they have to go back home.

Halloween Festivities

Carnival. We took the kids to this Halloween carnival at a local rec center. The entire time I was thinking "Look at ALL these people! How are we not going to get swine flu!" But it was lots of fun, and Jason's family actually invited us, so we decided we had better seize the opportunity. We remain swine flu free! Hi batman! So much for the stroller.

They let the kids fish in the actual pool. It was pretty cool. They also had canoe rides in the pool, but the line was WAY to long!

Logan also attended a neighborhood party. During one of the games, they had to pair up with a friend and wrap them up like a mummy before the Ghost-busters song stopped. SO CUTE!

Two little monsters!

Halloween is such a fun holiday for the boys. Logan got to pick out his very own costume. It surprised me that he wanted to be a transformer (I didn't even know he knew what they were). He was the "cool kid" on the block when we went trick-or-treating. All the other kids pointed to him, and he got so excited when he saw kids dressed as Bumblebee. I was just going to put Drew in a Frog costume that we already had, but he was DETERMINED to get this batman costume. He would fly around the house and say "bar none" which interpreted means "batman". Such a cutie.