Thursday, September 9, 2010

More summer adventures

Today in Preschool, one of my preschool kids asked me if preschool was a BIG adventure. I said "sure buddy". About half way through the day he exclaimed "so when does the fun adventure part start?" Apparently it was not adventure enough. CUTE! Here are some of our fun adventures this summer.

This picture says it best! Popsicles, no shirts, and hair cuts!
Logan loved boating with his aunts and uncles!
On the boat with daddy. Drew kept saying "daddy....I want to go back to the mountains!" He wasn't sure of the water at first, but then he got in and swam before his big brother!
Lagoon. This time the little guy LOVED the boats! It took a year, but he didn't get scared. WAHOO!!! Logan is really growing up and had to go on the bat ride this year! I couldn't believe he was tall enough. Not one of mom's favorite rides.

Fun in the Sun!

I am so behind on my blog, I decided to just post all our fun summer pictures together. The truth is I am canning tomatoes, and needed something to do in the kitchen for 45 minutes to make sure they don't boil over!! Here we go:

Fourth of July FUN!

Water Park
Rodeo (Drew's favorite part was the dirt bikes)
Drive in movie (oh yes, we took five children and lived to tell the tale!)